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Hey gang. About eleven months ago, I started this page to post my complaints about how Game of Thrones ended. When I started it, I figured I’d mostly use it for complaints about how other shows ended. Over time, I instead started using it to write about stories I found interesting, and as the year proceeded, those stories started to become more and more frequent, and I’ve begun to enjoy them more and more.

The whole point of relegating these pieces to a secondary blog was to keep content of “lesser” quality away from the main page, where I’ve traditionally kept the podcasts. Those take hours and hours and hours and minutes to make, and my predictions for seven episodes of a TV show didn’t really feel like they stacked up against that effort. Since then, though, the pieces have grown in complexity, and they’re no longer side content I want up more for posterity than their own value. I’m really proud of how the recent ones have been turning out, and keeping them backstage doesn’t really make sense anymore, especially when I don’t have any podcasts planned for release any time soon.

So we’re moving house. I’ll be moving some of the ben.bengrapevine pieces over to the main page, and future longform pieces will be posted over there. This page, meanwhile, will be kept for true side content, stuff like politics and TV. Broadly, all this should do is make navigating this hellscape a little less annoying.

Thanks for reading.

I love you.

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