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The Worst President in U.S. History


Traditionally, the worst presidents of the United States were those who did nothing to stop the civil war. This President tried to start one.

Dawn of the Bernie Bro


Bernie’s supporters are young, rowdy, and, worst, they know how to meme. Is that reason enough to disavow him?

Our Democracy is Dumb


Democracy is important. The ancient Greeks knew that. Everyone else forgot it for a couple thousand years, and then America remembered. Suffering beneath the widespread paw of the British tea-and-taxes machine, a spunky bunch of would-be American patriots found common ground in vanquishing the evil empire and building atop its ashes a democratic nation. Similar …

The Case for a Bigger House


The United States House of Representatives is a cornerstone of the American Democratic system, a piece of living history, and a real shitshow.