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Best in 2021: The Raisins d’Ors

At the end of 2020, I gathered all of my favorite books, podcasts, TV shows, and games and compiled them in awards show format for your reading pleasure. I’m a gremlin of habit, and if I do something one year, I continue doing it every day until I die. What is New Year’s Day but a reminder that we’re just one year closer to death?

I should note that these are lists of the media content I enjoyed most this year and that the items on each list weren’t necessarily released this year. They’re also pretty wordy this time around. My b. At the end of each list, I’ll award the coveted Raisin d’Or, an accolade that has media insiders calling Grammys “good for picking up dog poop” and Oscars “useless and stupid”. It’s been a full year. Let’s jump in.

You can find last year’s awards here.

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